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Introduction to Zentangle®

The Zentangle® art form and method was created by
Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas.   Zentangle® is a
registered trademark of Zentangle, Inc.   Learn more at

Zentangle® is a method of creating beautiful images using
repetitive patterns. The patterns are made one stroke at a time
with the intention of producing a finished piece of art.  Once
the basic patterns have been learned the student can go on
and produce more complicated work by using different sizes
and colors.

It is not necessary to be an artist to Zentangle® as there is no
“correct” way to complete a piece.  There are now hundreds of
specific patterns that have been developed and named that
may be incorporated into a piece, and they are available in
published books.  The only limitation is the creator’s creativity.  
As a piece is being developed it may take on a life of its own
and the final product may be unlike the original idea.

The process of producing a Zentangle® is fun and relaxing;
indeed many people find it relieves stress and is an escape
from their busy technology oriented world. It is a series of
deliberate pen and ink strokes made on a piece of art paper
measuring about four inches square, often with unexpected

When she first heard of Zentangle Suzanne did not really like
the sound of the idea.  Fortunately, friends convinced her to
try it and she is so glad she did! It has become a wonderful
way to enhance her artistic expression by providing inspiration
and mental relaxation.  Suzanne observes, “Being an artist I
never had time to study design and now I feel I am able to
produce beautiful and captivating graphic designs through this

All the Zentangle® images shown here were drawn by Suzanne.
These Zentangle® images
on the left are done in the
origin al style using clearly
defined patterns set in the
3.5 x 3.5 inch paper "tile".  
There are more than 100
patterns that have been
named and are available
for reference in published
These Zentangles images are composed of a
mixture of the  "recognized" patterns and
patterns designed by Suzanne
Suzanne likes to make her own designs and formats rather than sticking to the "recognized'
patterns and the 3.5 inch square tile.  She believes that a well constructed Zentangle® can be
any size and can stand alone as a work of art.  
Suzanne Binnie, BFA, CZT

Suzanne s
tudied at Penn State University and Tyler School of Art, PA
gaining the degree of Bachelor of Fine Art.  She has also completed the
course to become a Certified Zentangle Teacher and is registered in New
Hampshire and Virginia.  

Suzanne teaches Watercolor Painting and her Beginner and Advanced
Classes are ongoing;
several Basic and Advanced Zentangle Workshops are held every month.

Contact Culhaven Studios for more details and to make a reservation for a
class or workshop
Zentangle Inspired Art
Tangled Lobster
Tulips Two
Tangled Falling Ginkos
Koi Fish Tangled
Puzzle Piece
Spring in colored pencil
Tangled Word

Suzanne and several of her students were in a Zentangle
segment aired recently on the WMUR program NH Chronicle.  
To watch it go to the WMUR website by clicking on this link:

WMUR NH Chronicle link to Zentangle Segment 4/4/13
The NEW Zentangle - "RENAISSANCE"

It was developed by the founders of Zentangle,
Maria Thomas & Rick Roberts, and uses
graphite & white pencils to produce the look of

See examples below on 3.5 inch square tiles and also on our
Zentangle page for examples by Suzanne of
Renaissance Zentangle Inspired Art (ZIA).

Check on the
Current Events page for
Zentangle Renaissance classes.

For more information on Zentangle Renaissance go to
Zentangle, Inc. at
Examples of 3.5 inch tan tiles of the new
Zentangle Renaissance designs
Example of ZIA art in the
Zentangle Renaissance Style
Examples of ZIA patterns in the
Zentangle Renaissance Style
Tangled Butterfly on watercolor background
Tangled Joy
Tangled Calla Lilies
Sea Breezes
Summer Garden Zentangle
Zentangle "Morph 1"
Tulips Two
Tangled Lioness